Financing Option 1

Retroactive CPACE Financing

Retroactive CPACE allows for the refinancing of up to 30% LTV of the stabilized value for qualified CPACE eligible products.

Financing Option 2

Renovations & Retrofits

CPACE allows for up to 30% of the stabilize value for CPACE eligible products, hard and soft cost included.

Financing Option 3

Ground-Up New Construction

CPACE estimates up to 60% of cost to build in CPACE eligible financing.

Financing Option 4

CPACE Refinance

If your project or property already has a CPACE loan, ask about lowering your rate!

About Us

Benefits of CPACE Financing

CPACE Lending is a national leader in the CPACE marketplace, dedicated solely to providing long-term CPACE financing to commercial property owners seeking to lower energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and increase property values. CPACE Lending has access to all CPACE capital providers to provide you the best rates in terms in the market. CPACE Lending is able to close transactions in eligible CPACE markets nationwide.

Eligibility for Retroactive Refinancing
per State Guideline

Retroactive financing with CPACE can help commercial property owners and developers shore up capital stacks and access liquidity at any point in the economic cycle, but it becomes especially beneficial during periods of capital market constriction and economic uncertainty like we are experiencing today. Retroactivity is generally available as follows:

Benefits of using CPACE Financing

100% financing of hard and soft costs with no out-of-pocket fees

Increases net operating income and property value

Fixed-rate financing with up to 30-year terms

Ability to recover as an operating expense

Displaces higher cost mezzanine and equity capital

Decreases utility and maintenance costs

Promotes economic development and urban revitalization

Facilitates sustainable building design

Non-recourse…. No Personal Guarantee

Non-Accelerating and transferable

Interest only options available

Approved CPACE States

PACE-enabling legislation is active in 38 states plus D.C., and PACE programs are now active (launched and operating) in 28 states plus D.C. Residential PACE is currently offered in California, Florida, and Missouri.

CPACE Guidelines

Loan Amounts: $1mm to $950mm

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